bleaching my hair AGAIN what colour should i dye it once its light enough??

someone pls hug me im sick and cold and want a friend

ok o ko kok im gonna rant, and im sorry in advance.

as you all would know i am a weed smoker, i enjoy recreational use of it etc etc BUT one thing that irks me is people that go around telling everyone how ‘cool’ they are for smoking weed and how MUCH WEED THEY SMOKE ALL THE TIME HAHA 420 blaze it cunts. i’m just so tired of hearing it over and over like cool dude, you smoke now shut the fuck up.

last night i played the sims until 4am i have a problem

Just putting out a psa to let everyone know I’m single and ready to mingle

Your hair colour is gorgeous it suits you so well

Oh my gosh thank you so much you’re a real gem xx